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The parts you choose matter just as much as the dealer you trust to keep your equipment performing its best. And only your New Holland Construction dealer has the high-quality parts that are precisely engineered and built for your equipment.

Protect your equipment investment – and maintain your uptime—with genuine New Holland Construction parts.

Genuine NHCE PartsWhy Genuine New Holland Parts?


Why should you choose the same genuine New Holland Construction parts that your equipment is made of? Because they’re the only parts that meet the precise engineering, material and manufacturing specifications for your equipment, and are guaranteed to perform to our rigorous standards.

From critical wear products to filters and fluids, the superior design, engineering and testing processes that support genuine New Holland Construction parts and maintenance products ensure superior compatibility and performance.

Take, for example, New Holland Construction’s new engine oil, transmission-hydraulic fluid and coolant formulations. These new fluids are tested against our most rigorous product standards, to deliver maximum performance and longer service intervals for the latest Tier 4b engines, yet are fully compatible with both legacy and new equipment for all brands, all engine types.

Our new fluids, like all genuine New Holland Construction parts, are designed, manufactured and tested with your machine in mind. And that makes all the difference on the jobsite.

Reman PartsNew Holland Remanufactured Parts


New Holland Construction remanufactured parts are completely remanufactured from their core to their original, like-new condition—not rebuilt from the point of failure.

To ensure peak performance on the jobsite, they’re fully tested to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. Plus, they’re backed by an industry-leading warranty.

New Holland Construction remanufactured parts cost less than new parts, and because they come ready to install, they can significantly cut down on repair times and costs—an important consideration for equipment owners looking to get back to the jobsite quickly.

New Holland Construction’s growing line of remanufactured parts is one more example of how New Holland supports environmental responsibility. And, all New Holland Construction remanufactured parts are proudly made in the U.S.A.

About Our Process

Remanufactured from the core.

With most rebuilt parts, manufacturers replace only the failed component. In our remanufacturing process, we examine, restore and test parts to our original performance specifications. We rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, strict performance standards and unequaled quality control.

    With every New Holland Construction remanufactured part, we:
  • Completely disassemble and inspect the core
  • Thoroughly clean each component and test it against the manufacturer’s latest specifications
  • Replace all wear parts with new components—including bearings, seals, gaskets and more
  • Restore or replace all other components
  • Reassemble and test all finished remanufactured parts one final time to ensure like-new performance

 Remanufactured Product Benefits

  • New Holland remanufactured parts cost less than new parts—offering great value while ensuring peak performance
  • We’re continually adding parts to our extensive remanufactured parts lineup, so you have more options than ever for your equipment needs
  • New Holland Construction remanufactured parts are engineered and built to deliver like-new performance that meets our most stringent performance specs
  • Our remanufactured parts come as ready-to-install components, so our technicians can spend less time completing your service work—and you can get back on the jobsite faster
  • New Holland Construction remanufactured parts come with warranties that are the same legnth, and often times longer than what we offer for new parts
  • Talk to your New Holland Construction dealer to learn how you can receive credit for your existing worn part,
    called a “core”

Remanufactured Products

The New Holland Construction remanufactured parts lineup includes engines, drivelines and transmissions, fuel injection components, hydraulics and electronics. We also offer rotating electrical components, air conditioning compressors, turbochargers, and engine components such as cranks, camshafts and connecting rods.


Online Parts StoreNew Holland Construction Partstore

Financial pressures, tight timelines and increased competition mean there’s no time for downtime. Partstore is your online and mobile solution for managing your fleet’s maintenance requirements.

With Partstore and our FREE My Yard™ mobile app, you can store your equipment data and buy parts online – anytime, from anywhere:

  • Create an account and customize your experience based on the equipment you own
  • Easily find parts and create a parts list to send to your dealer
  • Access to the entire New Holland parts manual from a phone or tablet


Make easy work of maintaining your fleet — and keep things running like clockwork on the jobsite—with New Holland Construction’s online Partstore and My Yard mobile app.

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