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This is a list of dedicated pages for manufacturer software. Per the manufacturers, latest software updates will always be found on these pages: 

bobcat  BATS   BOSS Analyzer   Digital Wrench   Engine Analyzer   Service Analyzer

KTC Lockup Horiz Grad OR RGB1   Diagmaster   K-ODB-CE   K-ODB-AG   ISO Match   Tractor System Checker   EEProm Tool   Misc. / Model-Specific


Additional software used on STS systems:

Autohotkey   Custom script compiler for keyboard shortcuts (ex; Alt + K to launch Keystone)

Belarc Advisor   Comprehensive system scanner - finds hardware component info, software versions, user accounts, registration keys, etc   Flow chart & diagram creation

ELS Hosted Control Panel   Email administration

Google Analytics   Real-time data and analysis on web traffic to

IETab   Chrome extension that temporarily fixes browser compatibility issues with KubotaLink

Keystone   Dealer business system by DIS

Lastpass   Password manager that shares logins across dealership computers

Malwarebytes   Reputable malware prevention & cleanup tool

Rainmeter  Used for STS Launcher and other informational widgets on desktop computers

Unchecky   Automatically unchecks 3rd-party offers when installing new software. Massive security boost/time saver for the IT department and a must on every new STS machine 

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